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Curriculum Vitae

A copy of my CV, in Microsoft Word format, can be downloaded by clicking here.

Project Management

During my time at University, I have had extensive experience with project management. Many of the Units involved in the BSc Computer Animation Degree involved working in a group, and I took on the role of project manager in several of these. Below are some of the key projects I managed.

The "Interactive Content Design" Unit involved creating a short interactive video, in a group of 4 students. I was responsible not only for creating content, but for managing the project, including creating schedules and coordinating group meetings/filming. My management skills were tested when one group member dropped out during the project, requring a radical re-structuring of the content and the schedule.

The final year spanning unit, "Real Time Group Animation Project" involved a year-long project to create an artefact for a client. In my case, this client was Winchester Cathedral, and the project was to create a real-time 3D experience of the cathedral during the Norman period. As project manager, I was responsbile for coordinating the efforts of a 5-strong group, liasing with the client, creating schedules, and ensuring these were kept to as closely as possible.
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